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The Twins

This was taken shortly after they were born. Too cute!

  • Then, one of their first romps around the pen.

    Curly Angel had a great milk supply, but Miracle, because he was so weak, needed milk supplements. At first, he was given milk almost every 2 hours. Once he started drinking from the pan, we went to 3 times a day. When I couldn't milk him, my husband, Rex, or Gayleen, would step in and do the motherly milking. He got very used to people giving him milk to where he would just lay and wait for us to bring the pan to him! You can see, the cat looked forward to his milking, too. :)

  •  Miracle became very friendly while he got used to being spoiled!

    The local paper, 'Burleson County Tribune' came to take photos. This is a remarkable event
    because only 1 out of 10,000 twin births have a happy ending.

  • Here are Miracle and Precious together, at about 1 month of age. Precious is still
    larger, but always probably will be. She will be much darker- more like her
    dam's coloring. Miracle will stay the same- sorrel- like his sire. Miracle will
    have lots of cute curls. Precious will be smooth, but with a little wave in her tail.

    Miracle continues to have a quiet, accepting personality. He will let you do
    just about anything. For being twins, they are opposite in personality.
    Precious is very shy and aloof. She is cautious, and selective about who pets
    her, or even messes with her. She loves petting, so long as it's who she picks out.
    Miracle just wants attention, regardless who gives it, or how it's given.

  • We are now off of milk, but are feeding extra in a creep feeder. They get
    a supplement, as well as balanced nutrition, at just the right amounts.
    Even Angel is getting lots of extra, balanced feed.

    Christmas, 2007, just over 2 months old, Angel, Precious, and Miracle
    are doing well. When we let them out to play, they can really get going!
    They are all active, healthy, and very lively!

  • In Feb. 2008, they have been weaned. The separation from mom has gone
    well. They are eating and drinking well. Both have grown and filled out

    We Take them out on trails. They are both strong, and move well and
    are sure-footed. Both have a natural, lateral gait.

    Vets and genetic scientists from Texas A&M came to visit the twins.
    They have studied the twins' blood, and found them to be chimeric
    (they share the same DNA). Pictured left to right are Precious Texas,
    Dr. Rytis Juras, Dr. Gus Cothran, Dr. Terje Raudsepp, and Texas Miracle.
    Dr. Gus Cothran has also been doing work at finding the curly gene.

    Here are Dr. Raudsepp and Dr. Juras getting more samples. They not only are chimeric, but Mosaic- they share each other's X and Y genes.

    Here are Miracle and Precious celebrating their 1 year birthday!


    Miracle and Precious are now 4 years old. They have been trained, one to ride, the other to drive.
    Miracle is pulling the cart with Diane, and Precious is giving Gayleen a nice, gaited ride.