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2015 Open/ Curly Horse Show

At Still Creek Ranch
6055 Hearne Rd
Bryan, TX
May 2, 2015. 
Sign up opens 8 AM. Show to start at 9 AM.
Judge: Leah Balensiefen

Diresctions to Still Creek Ranch:
From Bryan, take hiway 21 east, past Wixon Valley, to FM 2038. Turn south, and take FM 2038 approximately 1 mile to Oak Lake Rd. Turn left onto Oak Lake. Follow to 'yield' sign at Oak Lake and Democrat Rd. Turn right (altho is more like going straight). Go a short distance to Hearne Rd. Turn right. Go past 2 sharp curves, and the arena is on the right.
If you take Democrat Rd off Hiway 21, it is rough dirt to FM 2038. Therefore, taking FM 2038 is the smoothest and fastest way to go.

You can sign up online!!:

Class list

1. Weanling/ yearling halter
2. Mare halter
3. Gelding or stallion halter
4. Curly horse halter
5. Gaited Horse halter
6. Champion and Reserve Halter
7. Showmanship- youth
8. Showmanship- Adult
9. SHARE Showmanship
10. Sit-a-buck- bring your own dollar. Winner takes all!
11. English Pleasure walk only- by self, or with 1 helper
12  SHARE English 2-3 helpers, walk/ trot
13. English Pleasure walk, trot/gait
14. English Pleasure walk, trot/gait, canter- youth
15. English Pleasure walk, trot/gait, canter- adult
17. English Equitation walk only
18. English Equitation walk, trot/gait
19. English Equitation walk, trot/gait, canter- youth
20. English Equitation walk, trot/gait, canter- adult
21. Egg-in-spoon
22. Leadline 9 and under
23. Western Pleasure walk, trot/gait- 1 helper
24. Western Pleasure walk only- by self, or with 1 helper
25. Western Pleasure walk, trot/gait- youth
26. Western Pleasure walk, trot/gait- adult
27. SHARE Western Pleasure walk only 2-3 helpers
28. Western Pleasure walk, trot/gait, canter- youth
29. SHARE Western Pleasure walk, trot 2-3 helpers
30. Western Pleasure walk, trot/gait, canter- adult
31. Western Horsemanship walk only
32. Western Horsemanship walk, trot/gait
33. Western Horsemanship walk, trot/gait, canter- youth

34. Western Horsemanship walk, trot/gait, canter- adult
35. Trail- Walk, trot/gait-  1 helper         
36. Trail walk only- by self, or with 1 helper                                                                      
37. SHARE Trail- 2-3 helpers, walk only                                                                           
38. SHARE Trail- 2-3 helpers, walk, trot                                                                                                     39. Trail walk, trot/gait by self             
40. Trail walk, trot/gait, canter- youth                                                                               
41. Trail walk, trot/gait, canter- adult

Trophy for first, ribbons to 6th place.

Sign up and contact information

Note: SHARE classes are open to any handicapped rider.

NO CROSS ENTERING ALLOWED. The same horse/ rider team can't go into different classes. e.g., same horse/rider can't do both walk/ trot, and canter classes. However, if you switch horses or riders, making the team different, then entering different classes is allowed.

Youth- 17 or under on Jan. 1, 2015. Adult- 18 or over on Jan. 1, 2015.

You can pay the day of the show, or send a check earlier with your sign up. Make check payable to Diane Mitchell. Mail to Diane Mitchell, 2677 CR 112, Caldwell, TX 77836. I can also accept payments through PayPal-

You can call me at 979-535-4426, or my cell is 979-200-0332 (call or text).



Rider's name_____________________________________________________________  Age _____

Horse's name_____________________________________________________________

Class numbers entering _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; _____; ___.

Number of classes ___ X $8/ class=                                            $_____

   OR $60 for all the classes one horse/ rider can enter              $_____

Number of SHARE/ handicapped classes____ X $5/ class=     $_____

Grounds Fee $10/ horse if not using a stall                                $_____

Stall $35/horse/ day (Includes one night)                                    $_____

Please consider sponsoring a SHARE rider $15/rider                $_____

Please consider sponsoring a class $20/ class                            $_____

                                                                          TOTAL                $_____

I agree to hold harmless Curly Country Ranch, Diane Mitchell, family, volunteers, Still Creek Ranch, employees, or anyone associated with this show or facility. Under Texas Law (Chap. 87, Civil Practice and Remedies Code), an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. 

Signature__________________________________________________________ Date_____________

Signature of parent for minor/ legal guardian__________________________________ Date______________

Negative Coggins required for each horse. Coggins accession #__________________ date drawn______________