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Our house in Caldwell, TX.


                                           The gazebo in the back yard. Rex built it! Just for me!

    Jennifer after milking the cow. How did she end up with kittens in the bucket?!?!

  • Our granddaughter, Paige.

    Jesse, leading Thomas, in the Burleson Co. Fair parade.

    Thomas, Paige, and Allie, dressed up for Halloween.

    Paige wearing Grandma's cowboy boots.

  • Rex can pretend fat when he wants! He won this turtle for Diane. The turtle is now named Turtle Rex.

    Rex's mom, Ruby, her sister Helen, and Rex's sister Melody, came to visit us one year.What fun!

  • The horses have learned to cross the water, and thus end up in our yard on a regular basis. It certainly limits out landscaping options, but eliminates the need to mow.

    Ducks take up residence on a yearly basis. Even have ducklings!